“The Best District Association in Arizona"

Welcome to the Southern Arizona Missionary Baptist District Association, better known as the S.D.A. The Southern District is the most active and exciting district in the Paradise State Baptist Convention. You will find some of the most loving, friendly, and spirit-filled people you ever wanted to meet in the S.D.A. Our vision is to unite all like-minded churches in the Southern District for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We equip every Pastor and Church with the training and resources necessary to be effective servants for Christ in the 21st Century.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who is a member of a district church can participate in S.D.A. activities and event. If you are not a member of a district church, come out anyway because everyone is welcome in the House of the Lord.

Pastor Larry D. Smith, Senior - Moderator
Greater Antioch M. B. C. | Sierra Vista, Arizona
Pastor Amos L. Lewis, - Vice Moderator
Rising Star M. B. C. | Tucson, Arizona


National Baptist Laymen Movement 2013 Digital Calendar

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National Baptist Laymen Movement 2013 Calendar