Deacon Ministry

The Deacon
      The term "deacon" comes from the Greek term diakonos, and simply means "minister" or "servant". It is used often in the New Testament in the general sense of one who serves. However, in a few passages it is used to refer to those occupying a particular position of service in the early church (see Phil. 1:1 and 1 Tim. 3:8-13).  The Deacon serves his Lord Jesus Christ first and because he serves his Lord, he will also serve his pastor and congregation.
      The Deacon was intended to be assistants to the pastor.  The deacon's purpose is to take over certain tasks of service assigned to him, by the pastor.  This will enable the pastor to give himself more fully to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.
The deacon should understand the following list of responsibilities:

 1.  To watch over the Spiritual life of the church.
 2.  To see that the sick and needy are cared for.
 3.  To take charge of the church benevolent fund.
 4.  To assist the pastor in baptismal services and the Lord's Supper.
 5.  To take the responsibility for the devotion in public worship.
 6.  To show support and pray for the financial work of the church.
 7.  To show hospitality to members, visitors and strangers.
 8.  To assist those who are to be baptized.
 9.  To attend and take part in prayer meeting.
10. To maintain a time of special prayer for the church and pastor daily.
11. To be an active peace maker in the membership and community.
12. To be an example of Faith, Love, Honesty, and biblical giving.
Deacon Franklin Dove, Head of the Deacon Board